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Come for a Beer, Stay for the Game!

With that hometown feel, Guv’s Place provides a relaxed atmosphere to kick back and watch the game on one of seven TVs while enjoying a drink. If you are looking for more to do, Guv’s Place has video slots, darts, scratch-offs, Golden-Tee Golf among other things.


Established in 2007 under the direction and vision of Dan ‘The Guv’ Thompson, Guv’s Place was created as an alternative sports bar for the Stillwater and Hudson nightlife.

The Guv

After many years of working for ‘the Man’, Dan Thompson quit his day job to open up his own bar. For several months, Dan worked to find the perfect location when he stumbled across this facility in Houlton, Wisconsin. He found his resting spot.

Once Dan established the location for Guv’s Place, he went to work setting up the bar. Before Guv’s Place could officially be opened, people were stopping by
hoping to get a glimpse…and a beer. Before long, Guv’s Place had ‘regulars’ and it hadn’t even officially opened.